The Impact of Images

Humans are visually based. Most of us make snap judgments on what we see hundreds of times every day. A strong visual presence is an important element for your business’ website and social media channels. Images help tell your brand’s story and can subconsciously influence consumer purchasing decisions. People are used to and appreciate seeing products prior to purchase and almost 70% of online buyers say images are influential in their online purchasing decisions.

Given that the average attention span is less than 10 seconds, brands need to get information to consumers quickly before they move on to another website. Pictures capture the imaginations of consumers to help them envision themselves using your products or services. Subsequently, attention grabbing visuals increase the likelihood that viewers will engage with the surrounding text.

We are a judgmental society and images are a large part of a prospective customer’s first impression of your brand. Today’s consumers notice the quality of an image first, the content second, so amateurish images can negatively impact public perception of your brand. Fuzzy, poorly lit images are unattractive whether they are of food, clothing, or dog collars, and poor-quality images translate to poor quality products or services. Unprofessional or outdated pictures communicate the wrong message to prospective customers and reflect poorly on your business.

By using that same stock photograph that everyone in your industry uses or poor-quality images, you decrease the originality and appeal of your website or social media posts. Images are perceived as a reflection of the quality of your business so they truly need to reflect the high quality of your brand. Professional images increase a brand’s perceived value and increase user engagement on your website. The human brain is more likely to recall images than text and professional photographers have trained eyes that are able to capture the emotional value your products or services bring to your customers. They produce images that convey a sense of emotion that grabs the attention of a scrolling consumer.

Consumers often rely on first impressions to determine whether or not they will engage with a business. Images should be meaningful, not random. Articles with pertinent images average 94% more views than those without.

Authentic experiences, versus stock, staged photos, showing consumers engaging with a product or service are a powerful marketing tool. Telling your story told through exciting, eye-pleasing images, using your location, your employees, and your products builds consumer trust. The pictures on your website and social media channels should tell an authentic story that positively reflects your brand.

Photos subconsciously prompt consumers to either stop and look around or move on to the next website. Images should serve a purpose, tell a story, not be random page fillers. A trained photographer’s styling ability and technical skills, such as lighting, angle, composition, and pixilation, present an improved perception, regardless of the quality of the product being displayed. However, images should not only be visually pleasing but should also convey the functionality of your product. Ideally images you use on your website and social media platforms should demonstrate authentic use of your products or services.

Marketing is about communicating the value of your brand, products, and services. Clear, crisp images and videos give your SEO a boost, especially in regards to the images search option. High quality images generate more views, decrease bounce rate and increase user experience. Improved user experience results in consumers spending longer amounts of time on your site. It also increases the chances of engagement. Real estate listings with professional photography saw a 139% increase in clicks. A library of professional images can also help establish a consistent theme for your website and social media channels. The imagery is easily shared by people who are excited about what your brand has to offer.

Never underestimate the power of visual communication - people are driven by visual content. 60% of consumers prefer using a business that utilizes images online. And in a world of millions of photos on the web and social media channels, it is important for images to stand out. So, eliminate superfluous content to make room for amazing, professional quality product or service images that will tell your story and help your brand evolve to the next level. Contact the experts at Strategy Driven Marketing to learn more.