Why We Think Squarespace is a Great Choice for Your Business

We admit we are biased towards Squarespace but feel justified in our strong preference for this super flexible and accommodating website building and hosting platform. Read on to learn more about why we love Squarespace and why you will too!


Squarespace sites start as low as $12 per month, billed yearly. Considering the high-quality setup and all the bells and whistles – we’ll talk about the 24/7 customer service in a bit - this is incredibly affordable! Squarespace can also handle large fluctuations in traffic unlike typical hosting services that many times set limits regarding data usage, bandwidth, and server specs.



Squarespace offers fast content delivery, SSL certificates, built-in security, and unlimited hosting. The fabulous templates included in a Squarespace account eliminate the need to waste time looking for themes or plugins. You can register your domain with Squarespace, set up your online store, and integrate all sorts of tools and apps. Most recently, Squarespace has added in-house email campaigns, the ability to offer your customers subscriptions without involving a third-party, and also integrated Unsplash to provide customers access to hundreds of thousands of images for free!



While you can choose to integrate Google Analytics or another tool, Squarespace offers built-in analytics to help you understand how your website is performing and what your visitors are doing when they are on your site. Stats include things like traffic sources and overview, search keywords, your most popular content, RSS subscriber numbers and more.



Your company blog is included with your Squarespace website so you don’t have to install any additional features to take advantage of the blogging platform. All of the Squarespace template designs have a blog section that allow you to add categories and tags to your posts. You also have the option to let readers add comments, you can use custom URLs and thumbnail images. Blogs can be pre-scheduled and you can automate related social posting.


Compatible Across All Platforms and Devices

Having a fully responsive site is crucial to the success of your online business. All of the Squarespace templates are responsive, no need to design additional layouts for multiple devices. Squarespace displays them correctly on every device by rearranging content to the width of any device or screen.  You are also able to see how pages will look on a tablet or mobile phone directly from your dashboard.



Squarespace templates are designed and optimized for commerce and can be added to any plan. (Your choice of plan determines the processing fees and the number of products you are allowed to sell.) There are lots of options for how you display your merchandise. You can also integrate Stipe and PayPal and the e-commerce setup makes it super easy to sell products, manage shipping and more.


Modern Design

Your website represents your business 24/7 and is often the first look someone gets at your brand. First impressions are important! Squarespace templates with their clean selection of themes are beautiful, functional AND stylish. They offer flexibility within the design and can quickly and easily be personalized.



Given the endless number of security issues in the last several years, having a secure place to host your site is important. All apps, widgets, etc. are Squarespace controlled. While that does limit the variety to some extent, they are all backed by the Squarespace team so the loopholes that exist in the widgets of other hosting platforms are not an issue.



Squarespace has built-in SEO features that utilize SEO best practices. These include headings and tags, automatic redirects and SSL certificates. Also included are page descriptions, clean URLs, accelerated mobile pages, and more! Squarespace automatically creates a sitemap file that can be connected to your Google Search Console account.


Social Integration

Squarespace makes it so easy to connect to your social media accounts that social streaming seems like it is part of the original design. Your blog posts, products, etc. can be directly shared to Instagram Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. For example, you can set up your account to automatically upload your Instagram posts to the bottom of your homepage. You can also integrate less common things like OpenTable!



As we mentioned earlier, all Squarespace accounts include 24/7 email support and unmatched live chat support. Questions are easily channeled through to real people who offer solid support whenever you need it.



Squarespace is fabulously easy to use with its drag-and-drop functionality. We utilize the LayoutEngine and ContentBlock system to make each page unique. Squarespace allows site-wide changes to take place so you don’t have to make design changes like font size or color to every single block of text on the website. Should you choose to change your template, all of your content and settings will be applied to the next template so instead of starting all over again, only minor tweaks are required.


The experts at Strategy Driven Marketing love all things Squarespace! Whether you’ve started a Squarespace website and are stuck, have an established site that needs some professional TLC or are starting from scratch, we are here to help! Trust us to use our Squarespace expertise and business and marketing strategy experience to create the perfect website for your business. Contact us today – let’s get started!