Are You Using Squarespace Email Campaigns?

In case you missed it, Squarespace is no longer just a website builder. In the quest to be an all-in-one platform, the company has launched a service called Squarespace Email Campaigns. This email tool was designed to help small businesses push out email campaigns that parallel the content and style of their websites. Squarespace knows that offering the ability to do everything through a single platform will appeal to business owners who lack the time or know-how to link, for example, their website with Google Analytics, and then with MailChimp for their email campaigns.

This add-on feature can be used to send branded email campaigns directly from a Squarespace site. The email interface mirrors the Squarespace website builder. It is as simple as choosing a template suited to your purpose (sending invitations, promoting or announcing a product, sharing a blog post, etc.) and customizing from there. The email templates allow users to position blocks for text, images, buttons, and more, just as they do for a Squarespace website.

Top quality user experience doesn’t stop there. Integrated analytics are available to provide a more complete understanding of visitors and subscribers. Campaign analytics examine metrics like open and click-through rates to identify which types of content increase engagement and sales. Squarespace hopes to offer analytical tools in the future that will not only inform companies about user online behavior but also be able to suggest potential follow up email content.

Instead of requiring users to either type in or copy and paste material, content can be pulled directly from a Squarespace website into an email. This feature saves time, minimizes errors, and helps to maintain a high level of consistency between a brand’s website and email campaigns. And because everything exists on the same platform, products, posts, and things like your logo and social icons are accessible in a single click.

The ultimate user experience touch is the ability to manage marketing campaigns from any device. Whether you prefer to use your phone, tablet, or desktop, you can do everything from creating a campaign to review performance metrics from anywhere. On the flip side, the emails, like all Squarespace websites, feature layouts with responsive designs so your consumers will view amazing content whether they are using a desktop or mobile device.

Mailing lists are compiled as clients collect email addresses through their websites. Those lists can then be segmented to ensure you are sending relevant information to your subscribers. Squarespace also provides automated assistance on your lists by clearing email addresses that hard bounce and removing anyone who unsubscribes from an email campaign.

The Squarespace website indicates that their Email Campaigns features are still in an early access period which means that current Squarespace users can send up to 50,000 campaigns per month for free. Once the early access period is over, businesses will be required to purchase Email Campaigns to continue using the features. It is important to note that everything done during the early access period will be saved.

So, we can add the Squarespace Email Campaigns to the list of reasons that we love Squarespace! Interested in learning more about how the experts at Strategy Driven Marketing can help you utilize an amazing Squarespace website and other Squarespace tools to showcase your brand? Contact us today!