SDM Projects - KJ Company

Kathy Jo Van is the founder of KJ Company, providing coaching and mentoring to individuals and groups at all stages of their careers. With an extensive background in the Electrical industry, Kathy Jo is a dynamic and experienced leader who expects her online presence to match the energy and expertise she delivers in person.

Kathy Jo started building her own website before she reached out to the experts at Strategy Driven Marketing. Just like the strong vision she leads her new venture with, Kathy Jo had a vision for the tone and content that made up her site. We took our clean, professional design aesthetic and knowledge of user experience and search engine optimization (SEO) and helped her take her site over the finish line and get it live. Kathy Jo’s website utilizes the Squarespace Bedford template which is simple and yet extremely versatile. Our web development team worked with Kathy Jo to take full advantage of the customization offered by this Squarespace template to establish a sleek, engaging site with excellent user experience. We also provided image editing and custom graphics so Kathy Jo’s site makes the most of the Bedford’s Scrolling Index pages with full-width imagery sections.


Upon launch, the SDM team provided additional training to enable her to make edits to the site and blog on her own. As she continues to create her own content, the Strategy Driven Marketing team supports Kathy Jo with content and marketing strategy assistance. This support includes the implementation of a search engine optimization strategy to ensure effective keyword usage so that the site pages continue to rank higher over time.

The design experts at Strategy Driven Marketing worked with Kathy Jo to help her website go beyond something that is simply visually appealing to something that showcases an ease of usability. The team helped create a focus on providing a positive user experience, facilitating interaction with visitors, and offering intuitive navigational features.


We are very excited to watch Kathy Jo and her new venture thrive and look forward to continuing to help her with her marketing needs. Nurturing of long-term client relationships such as the one with Kathy Jo is at the heart of our organization’s vision and mission. We desire to share the knowledge we’ve gained from our involvement in launching and growing businesses to help other entrepreneurs find success in their endeavors.