Unsplash on Squarespace – No Water Needed!

Once again, Squarespace is flexing its muscle as an amazing, all-in-one platform. The newest addition to the Squarespace arsenal is the integration of Unsplash to provide customers access to hundreds of thousands of high-quality images…for free. Squarespace website templates are structured to exhibit beautiful imagery. The challenge has always been to find options beyond stock imagery that don’t break your budget. The Squarespace-Unsplash combination is the answer to that challenge.

Intuitive to use and offering a dedicated support team, Squarespace is a widely popular website building platform across industries. In addition to facilitating the easy production of websites, Squarespace handles all aspects of the platform and manages all the maintenance and updates needed. Squarespace continues to provide a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs by incorporating options within its platform for e-commerce, imagery, and more.

Unsplash is a website dedicated to sharing stock photography and was one of the pioneers of the copyright-free photography model. The platform benefits from over 100,000 contributing photographers and boasts a library of over 650,00 images. Unsplash does restrict the sale of its photos without first modifying them in some way.

The collections from Unsplash can be added almost anywhere in Squarespace that images are usually featured such as gallery blocks and pages, thumbnail images, banner, and background images and more. The Unsplash images can be copied, modified, and downloaded for free, even for commercial use. Squarespace users should know that there are some images offered on the Unsplash website that are not available through the Squarespace integration. Those images can, however, be downloaded directly from Unsplash and then uploaded to your website.

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