Pacific, the main template in the Squarespace Pacific template family, is an excellent template for entrepreneurs. Other templates in the family include the Charlotte, Fulton, Horizon, and Naomi templates. While it is an effective choice for restaurants, it can be a powerful template for many other markets as well. It offers a simple, one-page website with parallax scrolling and support for full-width images. In fact, each page on Pacific is actually its own full-width section.

Highly customizable through the addition of images, blocks, and more, the Pacific template is great for conveying a lot of content in one place. The shopping cart button is also customizable to provide a more user-friendly shopping experience. The text overlays and full-bleed Index Page bring all of your content together. Be aware the Pacific does not offer a sidebar option. It does, however, offer a fixed navigation bar that continues to appear at the top of the browser window when visitors scroll down the page.

Whether you own an eatery or other business, the Squarespace Pacific template offers a modern and elegant means of displaying your images and content. Let the design experts at Strategy Driven Marketing make your website look as amazing as your food or products. Let's get started!