The Squarespace Naomi template is a member of the Pacific template family along with the Fulton, Horizon, and Charlotte templates. All templates within a given family will provide the same features and options but, based on their foundational look and layout differences, can help you more quickly achieve the look or functionality you desire. The versatile choices in this family are an excellent option for entrepreneurs seeking to create an image-led website.

The Squarespace Naomi template offers a simple, one-page website with parallax scrolling. No space is squandered on a sidebar allowing the display of full-width images. Highly customizable, the Naomi allows the addition of images, blocks, and more to create a unique website. There is also a fixed navigation bar that continues to appear at the top of the browser window when visitors scroll down the page.

The Squarespace Naomi template provides the opportunity to create a modern and elegant website. Contact the design experts at Strategy Driven Marketing to learn more about utilizing this visually engaging template option. Let's get started!