The Squarespace Foster template is a member of the Brine family templates. Along with the Aria, Juke, Motto, and many other Brine family templates, it offers excellent functionality options and amazing flexibility. The Squarespace Foster template offers advanced commerce features like hover effects, product zoom, and quick view. Other benefits of the Foster template include its strong visual impact, parallax scrolling, and full-screen images.

As a Brine family template, the Foster has three separate navigational areas including sticky navigation, secondary navigation in the footer, and two-level header navigation. The Foster template also offers customizable mobile styles enabling you to determine how your site displays on smartphones.

There are two adjustable layout options for the Foster template and a special content inset for text. Another feature offered only by the Brine family templates is that you can place any block on top of a banner image. The multitude of options in the Foster template allows you to keep the focus on your content, images, and videos.

This family of templates was designed specifically for e-commerce websites making the Squarespace Foster template an excellent option for online stores that want to display a variety of products and maintain a high level of design control.

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