The Squarespace Juke template is a member of the Brine template family along with the Kin, Basil, Stella, and a number of other templates. A template that is a clone or variant of the original template will give you the same features and options as the original but can help you more quickly achieve the look or functionality you are envisioning based on differences in the foundational look and layout.

The Juke template is a great choice for content heavy sites. It is also ideal for brands that have online stores as it offers advanced commerce features such as quick view, product zoom, and hover effects. In addition, the Squarespace Juke template features advanced mobile styling, additional navigation options, and other customization options.

There are other benefits of the Juke template such as its three separate navigation areas (one in the footer, two in the header), parallax scrolling, and parallax video capabilities. The Squarespace Juke template also supports special, customizable Share buttons for Blog and Products Pages as do all of the templates in the Brine Family.

The modern look of the Juke template makes it an excellent choice for any brand seeking to showcase their content and images in ways that will hold the interest of site visitors. If you are ready to take advantage of the advanced commerce features of the Squarespace Juke template, the professionals at Strategy Driven Marketing are ready to help. Contact us today!