What’s New on Squarespace

In case you missed it, Squarespace is not just a website builder. It is an all-inclusive platform that has everything you need to not only build your website but also to grow and manage your business. And the company’s goal is to enable their customers to do it all directly from the Squarespace platform.

Squarespace is always looking for ways they can improve their customers’ experience with the all-inclusive website development platform. Past additions to their offerings include subscriptions for Squarespace Commerce, a myriad of Squarespace commerce integrations, and the ability to create, manage, and execute email campaigns directly from the platform.

Last year, Squarespace teamed up with Unsplash to provide customers access to hundreds of thousands of high-quality images for free. They also rolled out Analytics, Blog, and Commerce apps with additional apps for Portfolio and Squarespace (your website on the go!) available only for iOS devices.

Squarespace has evolved even further to continue helping its users create amazing websites. Recently, the platform added support to help customers better manage their appointments online, and have expanded their email campaign offerings. Squarespace has also ramped up what users can accomplish via the Squarespace app.



Acuity Scheduling is a cloud-based appointment scheduling software. It caters to individual professions, small, and midsize businesses and allows business owners to manage their appointments online. Users can view their real-time availability to more easily automate appointment booking. The software can be used to automatically sync calendars and will send reminders and alerts regarding scheduled appointments.

Squarespace previously had an integration for Acuity Scheduling with the page building system so while it is not a new relationship, the expansion will allow deeper integration of product lines. This mirrors the work that has been done with commerce and marketing tools to enable Squarespace to offer a seamless experience for their customers who want to manage their brand from one place. Nothing will change how currently active Acuity customers interact with the platform. Squarespace will continue to offer Acuity as both a standalone product as well as one more deeply integrated with Squarespace.



When the platform first introduced the Squarespace Email Campaigns, there were some noteworthy limitations including which plans could utilize the tool. After taking early users’ feedback into account, Squarespace Email Campaigns can now be added to any plan and includes powerful new features that will help businesses use brand styled emails to extend their organization’s reach beyond their website.

These new features will allow brands to create more engaging messages and improve their marketing efforts from the all-in-one platform. Squarespace Email Campaign users can schedule campaigns in advance so their subscribers receive the emails they want to read on a timeline that works with your strategies. Automated communications like welcome emails or post-purchase messages can be automated to streamline your workflow.

The analytics features of the Email Campaigns now provide more information regarding which subscribers are receiving, opening, and clicking on your emails. Squarespace users will also be able to access a summary of mailing list subscribers, organic growth, and people who request to unsubscribe from your mailings.

There is also a new Image Editor with undo and redo buttons, simple draft duplication, and the ability to preview for mobile devices. The latest version of Squarespace Email Campaigns will also automatically remove and undeliverable email addresses from your mailing list.



The Squarespace App will now allow users to manage their websites from a phone or tablet, providing more flexibility as to when and where important tasks can be accomplished. Squarespace App users can publish blog posts, update website content, and add content all within the app.

Work is automatically preserved, eliminating the panic that can come when a mobile device unexpectedly goes offline. Work is easily picked up once the device is reconnected. Even more good news, the app has the look and feel of your desktop version of Squarespace so the transition between devices will be seamless. The Squarespace App is currently available for iOS, with an Android version expected soon.

The full suite of Squarespace apps lets users manage and stay on top of all aspects of their business. The Squarespace Analytics App can be used to access key website metrics and insights. The Squarespace Commerce App allows users to run their online store from any device. They can fulfill orders, manage product inventory, and resolve customer issues whether on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.


The experts at Strategy Driven Marketing have experience working in multiple platforms but do have a sweet spot for Squarespace. If you’d like to learn more about how the Strategy Driven Marketing team can help these new Squarespace features work for you and your brand, or whatever your marketing or digital needs, the team at SDM is ready to help. Contact us today, let’s get started!

Cover photo by bruce mars from Pexels