Subscriptions for Squarespace Commerce – Total Simplification

Squarespace is set to announce to the general public their latest e-commerce feature that gives loyal Squarespace customers yet another reason to love this company: Subscriptions for Squarespace Commerce. This new option will assist our clients with recurring purchases as they seek to build dependable streams of revenue. Once a customer buys a monthly subscription or recurring order from an online brand, all future orders are automatically handled by Squarespace.

Integrating a Squarespace online store into our client’s business will help us make the most of the offerings from this all-in-one provider. The ability to sell services and products, and manage all aspects of online orders is complemented by the responsive design and optimization for online commerce. Different plans are available to provide exactly the functionality that each of our client’s brand requires.

Squarespace Commerce supports the sale of physical merchandise as well as services, consultations, and events. Squarespace Subscriptions, available only on Commerce Advanced plans, let businesses sell their products and services on a recurring basis. Customers save their details during checkout and are automatically charged when their subscription renews. Subscriptions can be easily managed and canceled at any time.

Regardless of the what is being sold or frequency of delivery, our clients can earn dependable revenue, increase user experience, and build customer loyalty with a new way to purchase without the inconvenience of third-party scripts. This new feature from Squarespace, when combined with the robust, built-in tools for analytics and marketing, will provide our clients everything they need to expand their businesses.

We look forward to utilizing Squarespace Subscriptions to help our clients offer the most powerful and productive online stores possible. If you’d like to learn more about how the Strategy Driven Marketing team can help this new Squarespace feature work for you and your brand, contact us today!