Why Squarespace?

Strategy Driven Marketing trusts Squarespace's history of reliability, continued improvement, and support for our customer's websites.

Squarespace and its templates are design-driven, user-friendly and performance-focused to give you the perfect solution you are looking for.


Squarespace was designed with the do-it-yourself user in mind. While we believe in investing in a website design expert for your initial build, this makes it easier for you to maintain and update your websites on your own, long after the project has been successfully completed. Once the original site has been built, managing your company's website is a matter of dragging-and-dropping, pulling on corners to resize images, and easily tweaking content with similar functionality as editing a simple Microsoft Word document. With a simple training session, you and your team will be more than capable of making small tweaks and updates without the need to pay for these small updates that can add up. Don't want to touch your site? These features also make updates very affordable for the SDM team to make on your behalf.

Beautiful design that performs

Squarespace templates are bold, impactful and image-rich. They are beautifully and thoughtfully designed and include user experience best practices. Form and function are native to its platform.

Built-in SEO

Squarespace websites are natively equipped with what is needed for best search engine optimization practices. From your site descriptions, page titles, custom URLs, search-friendly formatting, and other key elements are all easily managed by a team knowledgeable of the latest and greatest SEO tactics. Squarespace has an automatic built-in sitemap that helps Google to crawl, understand, and ultimately, rank your brand's website. 

24/7 award-winning support

The Strategy Driven Marketing team will be your only phone call needed, but Squarespace's award-winning Customer Care team is part of what makes us trust Squarespace with your site and our own. Search engines and browsers are constantly making updates that affect all websites and just as with any technology there can be glitches. Knowing that we can get 24/7, 365 support from a team that cares about your site as much as we do allows us to provide you with that same great service and fix any problems quickly and affordably. 

Peace of mind

We chose Squarespace because it is a self-contained platform that works seamlessly and is fully managed from top to bottom. As search engines and browsers make updates there is never any need to update software, plugins, or widgets; patch security vulnerabilities, or worry that changing one component might break something else. Squarespace worries about that for you. It also means there’s rarely any need to investigate or pay for third-party apps or plugins since most functionality is native to Squarespace. Historically, lack of this functionality on other platforms results in broken links and functionality that often go unnoticed. Don't risk alienating your brand's customers with a bad user experience. Avoid costly marketing invoices by trusting your business' website to a platform that eliminates these issues.

Responsive website design

Mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of all website traffic. With that in mind, it’s critical that websites perform across any device and screen size. Every Squarespace template includes a unique mobile experience that matches the overall style of the website, so content will look great on every device, every time. 

15 years in the making

Squarespace launched in 2003 and has grown steadily since, gaining over a million customers over the years. It is a well-funded and well-regarded company. You don’t have to worry that Squarespace might be a flash in the pan.

The sky's the limit

Squarespace scales as your business does. Squarespace was designed for everyone from bloggers to manufacturers to online retailers, so you can be confident that it is robust and flexible enough to grow with your needs. With the ability to create unlimited pages and with constant updates and improvements being made to the system, the team at Strategy Driven Marketing can build you a website that communicates the essence of your company and then can continue to affordably update your site as your business model changes and evolves.