The Squarespace Wexley template is one of the oldest templates still available to the public. This means it has less design control than the newer templates but is still a fabulous option for creative portfolios. It provides an easy-to-use option that lets you create a dynamic showcase of images and videos through its adaptive mosaic grid.

The Gallery Page offers a slideshow overlay when you click an image, creating a gorgeous landing page that visitors can look through at their own pace. Because the galleries are designed to open with the video as the main focus, it is common for videographers to use the Squarespace Wexley template to show work to stationary audiences.

There are multiple layout options and header areas on each page that accept text, images, and other content. The customizable blog sidebar lets you high-light featured content. And, as with all Squarespace sites, social media platforms can be integrated with the Wexley template to bring content to a target audience on their preferred channels.

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