The Squarespace Wells template is a standalone portfolio template frequently used by creative businesses featuring art and photography. That being said, like all Squarespace templates, the Wells template has the standard full range of built-in functionality that makes it an excellent choice for businesses of all types.

There are a number of customizable features available in the Squarespace Wells template. You can create multiple, prominent gallery pages and select your preference as to how your work is displayed. Site visitors also have the option of viewing the gallery page either as a slideshow or thumbnail view and can easily switch between the two for quicker navigation.

The main and secondary navigations are shown in a sidebar on all pages throughout the Wells template. You can set the ever-present vertical navigation to show either on the right or left side of your site. You can also include important details such as your location and social buttons in the navigation panels. The sidebar may be customized even further on the blog page.

An elegant template choice, the clean design and distinct gallery pages of the Wells keep viewers focused on your content. The design experts at Strategy Driven Marketing are ready to make your website look as amazing as your work. Let's get started!