The Squarespace Thorne template is a member of the Brine template family along with the Mojave, Burke, and a number of other templates. Templates belonging to the same family offer the same features and design options but the differences in the foundational layouts of each template allow you to more quickly create the specific look you want.

The modern design of the Squarespace Thorne template lets you customize navigation, logo positioning, and the mobile experience your viewers have. Ajax loading is a standard feature for this family of templates. That means content-heavy pages will load more quickly because only content that is visible loads instead of all of the page content at one time. Another aspect of Ajax loading that makes for quick page loading is that only content unique to each new page needs to load because the header and footer stay the same as visitors move from one site page to another.

The Squarespace Thorne template is an excellent choice for any brand with e-commerce. It has advanced commerce features like product zoom and hover effects and there is a shopping cart located in the navigation bar. Another benefit gained from the Thorne being a Brine family template is that there are three separate navigation areas, parallax scrolling, and customizable Share buttons on the Blog and Products pages. In addition, the Thorne’s parallax video capabilities allow video banners to be featured on some of the pages.

The sophisticated and sleek styling of the Squarespace Thorne template make it a fabulous website option regardless of your target audience. Trust the experts at Strategy Driven Marketing to use their experience and talents to create an amazing website for your organization. Let’s get started!