The Squarespace Rover template is a member of the Brine template family along with the Motto, Basil, Aria, and a number of other templates. Variants of an original template do not have different features, they simply show different fonts, images, and layout options to provide an idea on how you might transform a template.

The Rover template is popular with brands that provide professional services. The template offers spacious layouts and crisp typography. In addition, the Squarespace Rover template features advanced mobile styles and provides numerous styling and customization options.

Some of the other benefits of the Rover template are the separate navigation areas. There are two in the header and one in the footer. The Squarespace Rover template also offers parallax scrolling and parallax video capabilities. In addition, as part of the Brine family, the Rover template supports special, customizable Share buttons.

The fresh and modern look of the Rover template makes it an excellent choice for any brand or company regardless of the type of business you do. Are you ready to take advantage of the advanced commerce features of the Squarespace Rover template? The professionals at Strategy Driven Marketing are ready to help. Contact us today!