The Squarespace Rally template is a member of the Brine template family so it offers all of the family features including amazing parallax scrolling, multiple navigational options, and the most versatility out of any of the template families. The Rally template is a robust offering for a team of people looking to push out blog posts on a daily basis. There is so much content on the Index style homepage that a single blogger really wouldn’t be able to utilize the full potential of the Rally offerings.

The Rally template allows for the creation of sections so articles may be organized into different categories. It also includes the ability to designate featured posts which make use of the full width of the website. The Squarespace Rally template provides a built-in search feature as part of its top double navigation. In addition to the primary and secondary navigation available in the header, there is a footer navigation at your disposal as well.

The Style Editor in the Squarespace Rally template offers numerous options allowing you to better control than in other templates. There is also a mobile section of the Style Editor that allows you to create independent mobile features for navigation style, colors, spacing, and fonts.

The Squarespace Rally template offers so many customizable options that it enables the creation of a truly eye-catching and engaging website. Trust the team at SDM to utilize our business and marketing strategy expertise to build the perfect website for your business. Contact us today to get started!