The Squarespace Julia template is part of the Montauk template family along with the Om, and Kent templates. All templates within a given family will provide the same features and options but, based on their foundational look and layout differences, can help you more quickly achieve the look or functionality you desire. The Squarespace Julia template is an excellent choice for event-based websites.

The Julia template provides a flexible, light design with clean layouts and an effortless style. It offers a floating canvas with an optional border on the edge and the ability to create a page banner image or video with text overlay at the top of your pages.

This family of Squarespace templates puts your content front and center with a versatile Index Page portfolio. The Julia template offers a customizable site header with room to include your contact information along with the site title, logo, and main navigation. The template features three, customizable footer areas. One is page-specific, the second a site-wide bottom footer, and the third is a site-wide information footer.

The Squarespace Julia template is also suitable for anyone looking to showcase a portfolio of work. One of the outstanding features of the Julia template is the grid-style Index Page. This format allows you to create a single collection out of multiple pages which comes in handy if you want to show links to content using images or want to feature multiple projects or galleries.

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