The Squarespace Haute template is part of the Farro family of templates which also includes the Farro template. All members of a family will give you the same features and options but can help you more quickly achieve the look or functionality you desire based on their foundational look and layout differences. This is a highly customizable template option designed with bloggers and content-rich websites in mind.

The Haute template offers a number of header styling options and header elements can display as a transparent overlay on blog pages and posts. There is a special header area displayed on the Gallery, Events, Album, and Product Pages that can be personalized with different text, image, and video choices. This “intro” area is an excellent way to introduce page content to your readers.

There are three separate navigation areas in the Squarespace Haute template, special customizable Share buttons for product item pages and blog posts, and multiple options that let you decide how your website displays on mobile devices. There is also a site-wide footer that can easily be customized.

The Haute template features Ajax loading which is a special site loading method that doesn’t reload the whole page but, instead, only retrieves server data for specific elements of the page. This allows content-heavy pages to load much more quickly than they would otherwise.

If the flexible navigation, beautiful imagery, and sleek style of the Squarespace Haute template have your interest, contact us today.