The Squarespace Camino template is part of the Tremont family and accompanied by the Carson and Henson templates. All templates within a given family will provide the same features and options but, based on their foundational look and layout differences, can help you more quickly achieve the look or functionality you desire.

The Index Page of the Camino template creates an interactive portfolio through large-scale images that link to other pages on your website. Users have the choice of setting the navigation to be triggered by hovering over page links or automatically setting a series of pages to display.

The full-bleed galleries can be created via one of three sophisticated layouts. Users can further customize by using colored, semi-transparent page overlays that can be blended to create a marvelous effect.

The Squarespace Camino template offers unique scrolling effects. An overlay header disappears as the viewer scrolls down the page. Users are also able to control the way in which fonts on the site scale in mobile browsers.

An excellent option, this graphic-rich template creates attention-grabbing websites with a sophisticated, modern feel. Does the Squarespace Camino template have your interest? Trust the team at SDM to use our business and marketing strategy expertise to build the perfect website for you. Contact us today to get started!