The Squarespace Aviator template offers full-screen background images and a gorgeous landing page. It is the original template in its family and is joined by the Aubrey and Encore templates. Templates in the Squarespace Aviator template family lend themselves to creative professionals such as designers and event planners.

The Aviator template was originally a 2012 Squarespace 6 template and saw updates in the following years. It is fully responsive but can sometimes lag a bit behind the newer offerings of the Squarespace Brine template family. One reason you may want to consider the Aviator template over newer choices is that it is the only template that allows you to choose between vertical and horizontal navigation.

It is also the only template family that provides a special homepage called an Info Page. The Squarespace Aviator template gives you three layout options for the Info Page and also has multiple style settings that can be used to customize it even further. (I should add the caveat that there are now ways with other templates to achieve an effect similar to the Aviator Info Page.)

With a narrow column of content that floats on top of a fixed, full-screen background image, the Squarespace Aviator template is best chosen by those who want a bold website with a minimalist homepage. Trust the team at Strategy Driven Marketing to utilize our design and marketing expertise to provide the support you need. contact us today!