The Squarespace Artesia template is part of the York family template along with the Lange, Harris, and Shibori templates as well as a number of other variants. All members of a family will give you the same features and options but can help you more quickly achieve the look or functionality you desire based on their foundational look and layout differences. The Artesia was originally made for a hotel but can work for most any organization.

The immersive homepage offers immediate connections to all of the other pages on your site. You can choose either clickable banners or a thumbnail grid to guide viewers further into your content.  The Artesia template offers different Project Page layouts where you can arrange images, titles, and captions to share your work and also provides breadcrumb and product navigation.

There are a number of modern features available in the Squarespace Artesia template like scrolling effects and the ability to fade in and out of the image blocks. The full-bleed images in keep your pictures fully intact once they are uploaded and the Artesia allows you to add blocks of text on top of images to include a narrative element as well. The template also supports page animations, customizable header areas, and the addition of banner images and videos to any page on your site.

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